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Name Ascending Membership Mobile Emal ID Business Industries Logo
Chadia Gedeon-Hajjar Business 0432084413 Mirath In Mind Promotion/Marketing
Christopher Kahawati Business 0403780098 Pharmacymart Fairfield Health and Related Services
Danny Hanna Business 0418235186 Hannas Group Construction and Building Services
David O Connor Corporate 0404869391 O Connors Strata Strata Management
Domenica Mirarchi Business Bankstown Busniess Advisory Service Business Services
Dr Obaid Alhairi Salem ALKETBI Honorary Embassy of the United Arab Emirates Government and Trade Services
Eddie Chehab Corporate 0411595277 Advanced Timber Manufacturing
Eddie Harb Corporate 0410322292 Naturally Timber Furniture & Accessory Services
Eddie Goncalves Business 0409920791 Job Find Centre Employment Service
Edward Michael Business 0433500176 Bristol Manufacturing Manufacturing
Elian Boulos Business 0410062726 World Fruit
Fadi Jamaleddine Business 0473444222 FJD Aluminium Aluminium
Farid Zaki Business 0414568976 ATP Accounting & Taxation Professionals Accounting & Related Services
Fayrose Iali Business 0415825587 Luxe Building Design Architecture
Feris Chehade Business 0450055252 Xavier Knight Construction
Gabriel Abdallah Business 0411323723 Precise Financial Services Accounting
Gelareh Naeinian Business 0488110082 Pure Home Care Health and Related Services
Genan Issa Business 0405227553 Mortgage Choice Burwood Financial Services
George Samrany Business 0421433178 7 Days Bathroom Supplies Construction and Building Services
Ghassan Nehme Business 0400414474 Community Migrant Resource Centre Community and Environmental Services
Gilbert Khoury Business 0405049901 Waterview in Bicentennial Park Events Centre
Giscard El Koury Honorary Embassy of Lebanon Government and Trade Services
Gus Balloot Business 0414281282 Numan International PTY LTD Distributor and Wholesaler
Hamed Al Alawi Honorary Consul General of the Sultanate of Oman Government and Trade Services
Hanadi Kalache Media 0404244444 El Telegraph Media/Advertising
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