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Name Membership Ascending Mobile Emal ID Business Industries Logo
Mahmoud Mohanna Business 0418965433 Build View Corp Construction and Building Services
Joseph Bassil Business 0414963165 Casa-Bella Design Associates Construction and Building Services
Naffa Arraf Business 0425316669 Cigar Hut Wholesale Trade
Joe Hammam Business 0414414247 City Shine Cleaning & Sealing
Zoher Salem Business 0434123983 CommSys IT/Telecommunications & Security
Ghassan Nehme Business 0400414474 Community Migrant Resource Centre Community and Environmental Services
Youssef Hassan Shawki Honorary Consul General of Egypt Government and Trade Services
Hamed Al Alawi Honorary Consul General of the Sultanate of Oman Government and Trade Services
Ozem Kassem Business Cor Cordis Accounting
Reda Haddadeh Business 0420508944 CorpStrategy Consulting Consulting
Talal Yassine Business 0414399269 Crescent wealth Business Services
Nathan Saad Business 1300880494 CRM Brokers Insurance broker
Jay Sayed Corporate 0405111000 Datcom IT/Telecommunications & Security
Hilton Wood Corporate 0419032419 Doha Bank Banking/Finance
Adnan Diab Business 0452452727 EBC Solutions Manufacturing
Ali Fahs Business 0433331262 EDA Constructions Constructions
Tala Zein El Abedin Business 0412326459 Education is our Future Charity
Hani ElKoudssi Business 0411372916 El Koudssi Import & Export Furniture & Accessory Services
Hanadi Kalache Media 0404244444 El Telegraph Media/Advertising
Tony Kazzi Media 0411430990 El Telegraph Media/Advertising
Giscard El Koury Honorary Embassy of Lebanon Government and Trade Services
Mohamed Khairat Honorary Embassy of the Arab Republic of Egypt Government and Trade Services
Ali Kraishan Honorary Embassy of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan Government and Trade Services
Karim Medrek Honorary Embassy of the Kingdom of Morocco Government and Trade Services
Abdelaziz LAHIOUEL Honorary Embassy of the people's Democratic Repiblic of Algeria Government and Trade Services
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